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How we met and the proposal... We met in 2008 through Emily working at Waitrose and making friends with Lucas’ best friend Alex, who also worked at Waitrose! The best man! Sometimes Alex would bring Lucas on our work nights out and I always really fancied him! Lucas proposed to me at the Christmas Markets in Birmingham in November 2015. It was such a surprise! I wasn't dressed for the occasion at all, I had a jumper on with a dog on it and my hair was a mess :o it was the best...
  Tell us how you met and the proposal... We were both out with friends the night we met in 2012. Oli already knew one of my friends that I was with, as my friend knew his sister. We got chatting after bumping into each other in a bar and he made me take my shoes off in the middle of the dance floor to check how tall I was! Once he was satisfied with my height he asked for my phone and saved his number in it himself. After that night we met up again a few times and just clicked. It didn...
Catharine and Oliver were wed on Saturday 6th May and have kindly shared their wedding story with us! Tell us about the proposal! The proposal was a complete surprise and it started all the way back on my 24th birthday (a month before the actual proposal, scheming man!) Ollie had got me a Man U t-shirt for my birthday, which was lovely but I wasn’t a football fan so smiled politely and said thank you. Then noticed a white envelope fall onto the floor. It was an invitation to go with him...
:: How we met... We met on match.com (both talked into it by mates over a drink). We were each other's first dates and knew when we got kicked out of Starbucks on our first date five hours after we’d arrived and they were closing that we’d met someone pretty special.    :: The proposal... Russ proposed at Discovery Cove on our trip to Florida. He waited until the very end of the day when everyone had gone and it was just us and the dolphins in the lagoon!  ...
:: How we met... We met online. Ryan hadn’t long moved here from being posted from Germany with the US Air Force and didn’t know anyone, and I was in the final months of my degree whilst teaching and running my own part time business, so it was difficult for me to meet people.   :: The proposal... The planned proposal was to take place in New York outside the Rockefeller Centre’s Christmas tree, but unfortunately the jeweller messed up the ring order and it wasn’t...
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The open days in the early days were helpful to make contact with suppliers and the website recommendations were also useful.  The planning day we had with our event manager was invaluable.
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