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     How we met... Ian & I were high school sweethearts. We were in different classes but were in the same group of friends. We started ‘bumping into each other’ on the walk to school, and it wasn't until we grew closer that we realised our parents lived a minutes’ walk apart from each other! Our relationship blossomed from there and 10 years later we are still inseparable.    The proposal... The proposal was really sweet. We were on a...
          How we met... We actually went to the same school but didn’t really know each other and after adding Michael on Facebook whilst I was at university in 2007 we began messaging each other and bumping into one another on the odd night out. We had so much in common and really clicked but having both spent time at university and travelling we never seemed to be in the same country as each other for long! In July 2009 we were both finally home...
How we met... We met back in 2006 on St Patricks Day during a very merry night out at the Loughborough Student Union (we were both studying at the University there). There was an instant attraction and a real feeling of excitement when we met!       The proposal... 8 years later James treated me to a weekend away in Henley upon Thames for my birthday. We checked out of our B&B the morning of March 1st (The first day of spring!), and the weather was stunning so we...
The Day We Met… Nick and I met through University as we were both studying the same acting course.  We had had a few conversations but once we discovered we enjoyed the same music like Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin – you just couldn’t separate us! I had no idea that Nick fancied me until one night at a house party he had plucked up the courage to ask me out. We have been joined to the hip ever since!     The Proposal…After around two years...
How we met... We first met by chance online way back in 2004, chatting for a while and then meeting up to watch Spiderman 2 at the local cinema.   The proposal... 8 years later and after moving in together, Richard proposed to Melissa at the Grand Canyon in Arizona while touring the USA in a Ford Mustang. Luckily Melissa said yes, avoiding a potentially long and awkward 5 hour drive back to our hotel in Las Vegas. Two years later we drew our attention to our wedding day. Richard had been...
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  From the initial viewing we fell in love with the venue, then meeting the staff at Dodmoor confirmed it was the venue for us.
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